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Hi Lara,I noticed that Cogicy Inc. have trouble communicatingwith customers. I would love to talk to you about it,I had the same issues.I’m available tomorrow at 10-16 pm at Skype.Wanna talk? Lara, I have solution to your problem Lara Orlagh Cogicy Inc. Saule Godehard Twinoodle Nadeem Gino Hypofix Voitto Béatrice Interill Ltd. Remus Sameera Centilith Hi Lara,Just following up to check if you have any thoughtson my last email. I have a tool that you can integregrateat Cogicy Inc. website. It’s kind of Live Chat solutionbut it’s much more than just that.Love to get you up and running. Re: Lara, I have solution to your problem

Automated, but human-like

Your emails and followup's are send automatically but one by one like you were sending them manually.

Set how many days after previous message you want to send a followup. Specify time frame at any timezone.

Cold email personalization

Make personalized cold emails to build relationship and trust.

Reply detection

After you get a reply, further followups will be stopped. Replies from different address are also detected. Rate your replies to monitor your progres.

Followup Analytics

Analitics layer

See who and when opened your emails, rate your replies and monitor how many emails you are sending.

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