How we're sending emails for you

We send emails directly from your mailbox, actually if you would write the same content in your gmail app it would be pretty identical.

How our queue works?

Our app works like a real person. We will not send emails more often than a minute after last email. Time between emails is randomized - it's about 60 to 150 seconds. It is very important to not send emails more often from one account because of spam filters and GMail policy. Sending emails more often can cause suspension of your account.

That means you are able to send between 30 and 50 per hour. Our app take care about that limitation through every campaigns.

How does that relate to the schedule

The default time window for sending emails is 3 hours. If FollowUp Inc. will not be able send all planed emails in that period of time they will be send in the next day. You can change time window in settings tab.

How many emails can I send per day

There are also limitations for daily messages volume.

Free Gmail account allows you to send about 500 messages per day, and the G Suite paid version limits you to send 2,000 emails a day. It is very important to not exceed that number and count follow-up emails. If you do, you'll get notification that your mailbox was suspended (usually for 24 hours). In such a case we will pause a campaign for you, you'll have to manually unpause it.

Can I use non-Gmail mailboxes?

Currently we support only Gmail accounts. If you want to send emails in your company domain check out G Suite. Works great with all Google services.

How many initial emails should I send per day

Default number is 50 and there is a reason for this.

Limitation of daily emails

The maximum limit is 500 however we don't recommend go higher than 100 initial emails per day.

Reason is your email account reputation. For that reason we have to count emails for an account - not only for a campaign. If you are sending more than 100 initial emails per day, it could easily transform into 500 or more daily emails if we count follow-ups. Sending that volume is considered suspicious, especially in small amount of time (btw. that's why we have time window for sending emails).

It's our suggestion - you can override it to 500 per day but bear in mind that google has their limits too. Free Gmail account allows you to send about 500 messages per day, and the G Suite paid version limits you to send 2,000 emails a day.

What if someone replies from a different email address

Same thing. Our system is smart and recognize if the message is reply to your message - then mark prospect as replied.

What's in From line of my emails?

By default it is your Full Name but you can change it to whatever you want in settings tab.

Statuses of campaigns

Every campaign in FollowUp has a status. It might be:

  1. Draft - it means that campaign has not been activated yet - emails will not be sent.
  2. Active - the prospects will be activated when the initial email delivery time is right.
  3. Paused - pretty self-explanatory. The initial emails and follow-ups are stopped.
  4. Error with spreadsheet - your Google Account didn't allow us to check updates in spreadsheet.
  5. Error with Google Authorization - your Google Account didn't allow us to send an email for you. Make sure that your account has GMail service - it is required to send emails in FollowUp Inc.

Statuses of the prospects


This status means that this prospect haven’t receive any messages from you so far. Reasons might be:

  1. Delivery time of initial email have not yet occurred.
  2. Daily initial emails limit for campaign is exceeded.


This prospect is active, will receive your messages. Even when campaign is paused this status will be attached to prospects - don't worry - the emails still will not be sent.


When your account is not active (trial or subscription has ended).


You can stop sending emails to a single prospect right here. That prospect will not get any more messages from you.


Every follow-up you have planned has been sent.

Replied, Bounced

Pretty self-explanatory - someone has replied or server bounced your message.


The prospect clicks on unsubscribe link.

How we're checking answers?

FollowUp will check your email inbox every hour for replies and mark prospects replied when reply is detected. You can force an immediate check in Prospects tab in your campaign.

How prospect update works (from spreadsheet)?

FollowUp will check attached spreadsheet every few hours and look for changes.

When any new row is detected, new prospects will be added to campaign.

When any data of existing prospects is changed, it will be changed in prospects database as well. You can check personalized data by clicking on "Preview campaign" button.

When a prospect is deleted in spreadsheet it will not be deleted in FollowUp's database. However you can pause prospect manually at any time.

Can I check how message looks in my email client?

Sure, click on Send test email button. You will recive first email from campaign with data of first prospect.

Preview cold email feature

How my prospects can unsubscribe from a campaign?

If you want to allow your prospects to unsubscribe a thread, you have to use a special link. You can find it in personalization buttons below message content. You have two options:

Unsubscribe link - it is a link to unsubscribe page. Text used as an anchor will be "unsubscribe".

Unsubscribe text - it is short sentence:
If you don't want further emails from me, please click unsubscribe

Of course you can modify it.

Unsubscribe button